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Cryptomania review: Can you withdraw money from the App? 

n this article you’ll see the detailed review of the Cryptomania app, what the Cryptomania app is, how the app works and if you can withdraw from it or not.

Did you just come across the Cryptomania app and have been wondering how it works or if you can be able to withdraw money from the app? Well let’s walk you through the detailed review on what this app is all about and how it works.

About Cryptomania

Cryptomania will provide you free access to educational material and a trading simulator (trading terminal). Cryptomania allows trading without mandatory registration and gives you an account in the stock trading simulator, interactive charts and educational material.

How does Cryptomania work

Cryptomania is a great app for learning the basics of crypto currency investment. It is ideal for beginning traders and investors.

After you sign up with this app you’ll be giving 7000$ bonus to begin your crypto trading demo invest.

Cryptomania will help you get a first look into the crypto currency market. The app itself is a demo stock market (simulator), where you can take on the role of a trader. You can learn what stock trading is and what investment management methods are available for you today.

Using the app, you won’t be able to buy or sell cryptocurrencies the way you do on the classic crypto stock market. Here, you just speculate on the value of cryptocurrencies to either rise or to fall. This is called Forex (Foreign exchange market) trading – trading that is based on the difference of exchange rates of cryptocurrencies.

Can I make money with cryptomania App?

As stated above the app is mainly a stimulator for crypto currency investment, you can’t make real Money with it. It’s meant for users to learn and have a taste of how crypto trading feels like.

Is Cryptomania legit or fake?

The app is meant for users to learn crypto investment and it has been clearly stated in the app description, hence There’s Nothing fake about it.

How can I withdraw from Cryptomania?

Unfortunately you can’t withdraw from Cryptomania because the balance in the app you see is a demo(not real money) you can’t withdraw it!

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