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Nivea natural fairness review:is Nivea natural fairness bleaching cream?

Is Nivea natural fairness bleaching cream? Nivea natural fairness Review

In this article we will review Nivea natural fairness cream and tell you all you need to know about the cream.

If you’ve been searching can Nivea natural fairness make you fair or glow? Is it a bleaching cream? How long does it take to see the result? read this post to the end and you’ll find all your answers.

Nivea is one of the leading companies in the field of skin care with more than 130 years of experience. Their products always cater for the needs of its consumers, however today we are going to focus on one of its products. The Nivea natural fairness clarifiant also known as PERFECT & RADIANT BODY LOTION.

Nivea Natural Fairness Cream is a moisturiser specially designed to even out the skin tone and enhance its natural radiance. It acts on melanin producing enzymes and reduces pigmentation.

Does Nivea natural fairness bleach?

The innovative formula of Nivea natural fairness now called Perfect & Radiant Body Lotion gives the desired benefits via combined effect of the active ingredients. It works through three mechanisms:

Active ingredients added to the formula (liquorice & Berry extract) that helps to reduce dark pigmentation so that you can reveal your radiant, even-toned skin.

UVA & UVB Filters – The sunscreen added to the formula helps in maintaining skin colour by protecting skin from harsh UV rays thus protecting the skin from hyperpigmentation.

Glycerine & Vitamin E- with intensive moisturization from these ingredients, keeping the skin hydrated and feeling smooth.

All bleaching cream contains Hydroquinone, and if you go through the ingredients listed in the Nivea natural fairness lotion you’ll find out that Hydroquinone is not part of the ingredients hence Nivea natural fairness isn’t a bleaching cream! But the formula for this cream allows you to glow or get fair a little bit.

Can Nivea natural fairness make you fair?

This is the cream I use and based on personal experience It wouldn’t make you fair but will only even out your skin and brighten up your skin complexion.

If you just want to maintain your skin, then you can use this lotion alone. But if your intention is to lighten your skin then you have to mix it with an effective lightening oil, serum or tube cream.

Will Nivea natural fairness make you darker?

NIVEA natural fairness/Perfect & Radiant Lotion contains extracts of natural ingredients. If you have used products containing bleaching agents before the start of NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Lotion, the skin may appear as if it is getting darker because the bleaching has stopped.

The darkening of the skin is not a result of using Perfect & Radiant Lotion, as NIVEA Perfect & Radiant Lotion is made using an innovative formula with liquorice and berry extracts that gives the skin even-toned, reduces dark pigmentation and protects the skin from the sun with UV filters.

Price of Nivea natural fairness cream

The price of Nivea natural fairness varies in different locations, it cost between #1800 to #2500 depending on the location.


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