8 Essays About Canada – Know More About Canada

Here is a list of the 8 essays about Canada you need to remember before starting your immigration process:

  1. Why are we so delighted to talk about Canada?
  2. What is Canada best known for?
  3. Why is Canada the best country to live in?
  4. Why is Canada one of the most loved and well-known countries in the world?
  5. Is Canada the safest country to live in?
  6. What do Canadians do for fun?
  7. What is the primary culture in Canada?
  8. Why is Canada unique?

Being given the opportunity to inquire into one of the best countries in the world today is a luxury. Moving into Canada is definitely something that most people long to do.

It is even highly possible that most Canadians won’t buy the idea of leaving their country, not minding what the situation is like, for another country!

Therefore we would be breaking the 8 essays about Canada into detail. This is done to make you know the country and also show you enough reasons why you should consider moving to Canada.

8 Essays About Canada

The 8 essays about Canada can be properly detailed through the following:

1. Why are We So Delighted to Talk About Canada?

After living in Canada and sharing in all the many advantages that are accrued here, you would turn out to be one of Canada’s praise singers.

The healthcare system in Canada Is one of the best you can find in the world today. The annual death rate has reduced to about 7.8 per every 1,000 persons.

Canada also has a variety of wildlife and beautiful natural landscapes for you to enjoy seeing. Its distinct culture also draws thousands of tourists yearly from all countries of the world.

Also is the outstanding criteria that Canada manages to maintain annually in its academic system. Canadian universities are presently among the most promising in the world. It has many international students applying annually to enter and study in the country.

Also, some of the world’s celebrities like Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling, and Michael Bublé are from Canada.

It is likewise acknowledged as one of the top 3 best countries in the world to raise a child. It is also known as the 6th most happy country in the world.

2. What is Canada Best Known for?

Canada is generally recognized for its remarkable decors and how welcoming they are to new immigrants.

There are lots of places to go on sightseeing, we have the: thundering waters of the Niagra Falls, we also have the uneven cliffs of the Canadian Rockies

Canada has so many lakes. It also shows off its overly long 125,566 miles coastline which traverses so many amazing images of the sea.

It also has a lot to offer sports lovers. Canada is well known for some of the world’s most distinguished Ice Hockey teams like the Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Montreal Canadiens.

Canada shares all these nice views and it is always unrestricted to share with new incoming immigrants.

3. Why is Canada the Best Country to Live in?

The following are some tangible explanations for why Canada is deemed one of the best countries to live in today:

  • With the view that water is life, Canada has about 20% of the world’s freshwater, which proves the reason its healthcare system is among the best in the world presently.
  • The country also has more lakes than the rest of the world put together.
  • About 30% of the country’s entire landmass is encircled by forests, which indicates how inherently acceptable its setting is.
  • Canada lists a total of approximately 99%, a population rate that comprises of literates. This can similarly be credited to its low cost of education that entices thousands of new students to the country annually. Also, you will hardly locate a spot where young people just walk the streets without a reason.
  • Canada is relatively motherhood friendly. This means that new mothers are permitted the luxury of roughly 17 to 52 weeks off their work hours to have sufficient time to take care of their newly born babies, and they would still be paid their salary.
  • The country ranks the 6th highest in the globe when it lands in the countries with the most promising average life expectancy at birth.
  • 4. Why is Canada One of the Most Loved and Well-known countries in the World?

A 2015 study by the Reputation Institute rated Canada as one of the most idolized countries in the world currently. This stat was established on a sum of aspects, some of which are:

  • Its healthcare system is one of the nicest in the world. It gives free healthcare programs to citizens, which is an explanation why numerous individuals currently go for the Express Entry Canadian immigration program.
  • There are many things to be benefited from Canada’s already stabilized economy. This led to the country’s curtailed unemployment percentage to 6.8% from 1976.
  • Canadian study institutions equally have produced most of the outstanding students in the globe today.
  • Its multi-cultural policy receives everyone, not minding their beliefs.

5. Is Canada the Safest Country to Live in?

Canada is placed 3rd on the record of the top 5 safest countries in the world to live in currently. This can be credited specifically to its considerable proficiency to curb illegal activities in the country, nearly thoroughly.

6. What Do Canadians Do For Fun?

Canadians are known for the following activities:

  1. Going on thanksgiving with the household every October
  2. Grooming of playoff beards
  3. Acquiring a large bulk of the cottages, or having pals that have
  4. Constantly showing the Canadian culture with dignity

7. What is the Dominant Culture in Canada?

The Canadian culture comprises a mixture of British, American, and French impacts which blend to make new visitors constantly fill comfortable in the country.

8. Why is Canada Unique?

There is particularly no other country in the world today that can brag of acquiring what Canada has in its various outdoor activities, numerous geographies and intriguing views, economic importance, and governmental stamina. All put in one.