Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada

Confirmation of permanent residence in Canada is a document required by anyone that wants to live permanently in Canada.

Anyone knowledgeable about travel and tourism can affirm the certainty that Canada is one of those countries where documents are really necessary. On your part, you may feel that these documents are unwarranted, but the Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada is fundamental. It is a document issued to immigrants to authorize their Canadian permanent residence status.

The document is very important and normally is assigned to you after approval from a Canadian immigration officer or the IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada).

Why Do I Need a Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document in Canada?

If you should fail to have any document in Canada, in your best interest it should not be your Confirmation of Permanent Residence in Canada. This document is very essential, and as long as you still live in Canada, it should not be lost.

The significance of a COPR document in Canada can never be downgraded. It is one that you’ll frequently encounter in circumstances pertaining to your immigration or stay in the country whenever the need arises. The most predominant motive why people secure their COPR document is that it is the most asked about whenever you want to apply for Canadian citizenship.

The document can equally be very helpful if you lose your Canadian PR card or you forgot to renew it.

Apart from expressing evidence of your Canadian residency status, the COPR document can become helpful in the process of obtaining your Old Age Security as an indication of the actual time and date of entry into the country.

Also, almost every provincial and territorial organization in Canada needs a COPR document before giving you permission for special benefits within the country. Therefore, convincing the Governmental agencies that you are a permanent resident while allowing them to realize the actual time and date of your entrance.

These and more should be sufficient motivation to stimulate you to go and ensure your COPR document. Besides, you don’t have an option because the document is always assessed by the immigration officer or IRCC immediately after you arrive in Canada.

What is the Essential Information in a Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada Document?

For a COPR document to be acceptable, a couple of important data about you should be in it.

The data in your COPR would notify anyone taking your COPR essential things about you and some other data linked to your IRCC application. Nevertheless, the subject of your COPR isn’t confined to that.

You will get to learn all about some other things in this category, but minor shifts could happen.

The top part of the Confirmation of Permanent Residence document includes your Client ID (UCI), which is unique to you, and the document number that is peculiar to your COPR document.

Immediately after the Confirmation of Permanent Residence, there is a list of the following information:

1st Section

It includes your surname, your first name, and a “name flag”. A name flag is generally used in place of any of your monikers that aren’t formal.

2nd Section

It includes your date of birth (dd/mm/yy), your place of birth, and your country of birth.

3rd Section

It includes your gender at the time of arrival (that is if you have altered that), your marital status at the time of arrival, and your citizenship at the time of landing (if you have more than one, then you make use of the citizenship of the passport you were using when you arrived Canada)

4th Section

It includes your passport number at the time of arrival, the certainty of that passport, and the country that issued you the travel document

5th Section

It includes your family status at the time of arrival, height, and eye color.

Line 14

The following line (line 14) includes data of all your accompanying family members, that is if you have any. Immediately after that, there is a line that implies whether or not you have any other minors that are not with you when you applied.

Line 15

The following line (line 15) includes the address you first lived in Canada and, if useful, the name of the individual whose house you lived in.

Line 16,17 and 18

The next successive lines (16,17 and 18) are for referencing by the IRCC.

Beneath that is a row that includes a date and signature affirming the validity of the above-mentioned data. The date reported here is the actual date of your arrival in the country. Under this is information for the IRCC use solely! This contains numerical codes and dates that pertain to your Canadian permanent residence application.

Beneath that is information pertaining to your arrival, some of which includes:

  • Remarks by the CBSA officer (if any) – Line 39
  • Your flight number (if applicable) – Line 41
  • The  cumulative amount of money in your custody – Line 42
  • Proof of whether or not your Canadian PR status has any limitations imposed on it – Line 43
  • The date you became a Canadian permanent resident – Line 45
  • The place (city) in Canada where you landed – Line 46
  • And more importantly, the signature of your immigration officer – Line 47

A stamp that reads, “NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL” should be on your COPR document to show that it can not be utilized as a travel document. Nonetheless, it’s crucial that you place your COPR document and Permanent Resident Visa together in your passport or travel document.

The two documents will be submitted to your immigration officer at the port of entry to the country as an avenue to finalize your immigration processing for a Canadian permanent residency.

Your Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada also includes a passport photograph of you and a box for your signature to be finalized upon arrival into the country under your officer’s guidance.

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How to Apply For Confirmation of Permanent Residence?

Obtaining a Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada is not hard. All you need to do is follow the easy steps made available below:

1. To begin with, you are required to fill out the online form correctly with all the needed information. You can take your time on the form and go back as repeatedly as you want, to guarantee that you don’t make any errors.

2. Furthermore, you are required to scan and upload all your needed documents. If any of your documents are in a language other than English or French, you must translate them before uploading.

3. Immediately you are done filling out all categories of the online form and have uploaded all the needed documents, the next thing to do is to pay your fees. This fee operates as both a processing fee for you and your household, the right of permanent residence, and biometrics.

After that, you have to always be on the lookout on your account to see the headway of your application.

Can I Replace My Confirmation of Permanent Residence?

Sadly, you can not restore your COPR, but you can obtain a Verification of Status; it performs the same purpose as your Confirmation of Permanent Residence Canada.