Move to Canada as a Self Employed Person

It won’t cost or require you much to move into Canada as a self-employed person in 2022.

Nonetheless, you should have it up your mind that this differs totally from relocating to Canada because you got a new job proposal from a company within Canada.

There in Canada, it matters so little even if you were a popular craftsman in your home county. You will face some challenges and scrutiny while trying to move into Canada as a self-employed person.

The challenges you would face include; you would have to rent a new office space, you cater of getting a house, and other likely issues. This would prove an uphill task if you don’t know the best ways to have all these sorted out.

Also, Canada is quite known because of how competitive it can be amongst industry owners. This is mostly due to its throbbing economic criteria and governmental policies. But then, you shouldn’t allow this to get to you.

The Canadian government shows their supports for growing small businesses and small business owners through various means. We would discuss more on how Canada helps to grow, small businesses below.

How to Move to Canada as a Self Employed?

To make sure there is stability and there is rapid improvement in the nation’s economy, the Canadian government introduced the Self-Employed Person immigration program. This is done to draw young entrepreneurial individuals to her country.

This program not only gives you an easy passage to Canada, but its aim is also to help your various business endeavor grow.

The so many benefits accrued to this program include:

1. You only need to have a minimum of two (2) years of working experience in your chosen field of work. This makes it way different from the other Canadian immigration programs that require you to show proof of several years of work experience in your chosen endeavor.

2. You are also not being pestered with a truckload of requirements when trying to move into Canada as a self-employed person. To break it down in a simpler form, you will never be asked for your total net worth or be bugged with the question of how much the country stands to gain when you work as a self-employed person.

This gives the new immigrants a leveled playground. hence, they are not saddled with the weight of meeting up with a specific profit margin to ensure their stay in the country.

3. Moving into Canada as a self-employed person is one of the economical and easiest things you would consider doing. It is clearly different from other Canadian business immigration programs that need the applicants to pay a specific amount of money to a Canadian-based company or government.

All they expect you to do here is to finance your stay in the country, then, build your name and business.

What Categories of People are Allowed to Move to Canada as Self Employed Persons?

Canada would only consider new immigrants that are able to ascertain their relevant craft or athletic skills that made them well-known in their various home countries.

Particularly, Canada accepts the set of people listed below to apply under the Self Employed Person Immigration Program.

1. Cultural – dancers, designers and painters, writers, journalists, musicians

2. Sports/Athletes – sports coaches, athletes, referees, program leaders

Move to Canada as a Self Employed Person Eligibility Requirements

The essential requirements and respective primary points needed to acquire when making plans to move into Canada as a self-employed person includes the following:

  • Work experience (max: 35 points)
  • Education (max: 25 points)
  • Age (max: 10 points)
  • Language skills (max: 24 points)
  • Adaptability (max: 6 points)

1. Work Experience (Highest: 35 Points)

As stated above, to be eligible for Canada’s Self-Employed Person immigration program, you’ll need at least two (2) years of work experience in your specified field.

This particularly fetches you 20 points. But then, an applicant with three (3) years of work experience would get 25 points.

On the other hand, an applicant with four (4) years of work experience gets 30 points, and ultimately, an applicant with five (5) years of work experience gets 35 points.

2. Education (Highest: 25 Points)

You would need a relevant level of education in your field of industry.

Completed high school: 5 points

One-year (1) diploma, trade certificate, or apprenticeship: 12 – 15 points

A single university bachelor’s degree or more: 15 points

A three-year (3) diploma, apprenticeship, or trade certificate: 20 – 22 points

Two (2) or more university bachelor’s degrees: 20 –  22 points

Master’s or Ph.D. Degree: 25 points

3. Age (Highest: 10 Points)

In this chart, young adults get the most points because they are in their working stage and have more work up their hands.

16 or under: 0 points

17 years: 2 points

18 years: 4 points

19 years: 6 points

20 years: 8 points

21–49 years: 10 points

50 years: 8 points

51 years: 6 points

52 years: 4 points

53 years: 2 points

54 years and above: 0 points

4. Language Proficiency Skills (Highest: 24 Points)

You will need to show how good you are (fundamental, moderate, or high) in any one of the Canadian official languages (English or French)

5. Adaptability (Highest: 6 Points)

Your ability to adapt would go a long way to show how easy it is for you to get used to the way of life in Canada.

While applying to move to Canada as a self-employed person, each standard earns you precise points which are classified under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

A total cumulation of all the points would be displayed in your online profile. The candidates’ points are then calculated, and those with the highest points would be eligible for the next stage of their immigration process.

The chosen applicants are then told to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residency status.

Apart from the above-mentioned requirements, you also need to:

  • Have an appropriate experience in athletics or any similar cultural activity.
  • Be willing to participate actively in the cultural or athletic activities in the country.
  • Meet medical and security prerequisites (like taking the Covid-19 vaccine which is compulsory).

Canada Self Employed Person Immigration Program Fees

The fee starts from about $2,075, and the application procedure most times takes about 34 months to be finalized.